How to look cool
whilst learning polo

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A modern approach to polo

The author, Steve Thompson, is a veteran polo instructor and professional player with over thirty years of teaching experience across the globe and this book is a culmination of his teaching and playing experience over three decades in the sport.

This book, followed correctly, will save one a lot of pain, frustration and cash by teaching an aspiring player how to function correctly from the very start. More than just a technical ‘how to’ guide, it provides everything one needs to know to go from zero to hero on the polo field and more importantly – make sure one looks cool whilst doing it!




Following 30 years of professional playing and private coaching Steve Thompson founded the Dubai Polo Academy in 2006. Despite reaching professional status early on in his career, it has always been more of his dream to set up the ‘Top Gun’ of all polo academies by implementing a training structure that would revolutionise how polo is taught worldwide. It was in Dubai that he was really able to make his mark and implement a unique polo sylabus that would be embraced by beginners and established players alike. Within weeks of its release, his video The Essential Guide To Polo went viral and currently has the highest hit rate of all polo tutorials in the world. Renowned for his analytical, innovative and creative teaching style Steve’s lessons are certainty not for the faint-hearted but results are guaranteed. It is his approach and delivery that has made him a favourite around the globe and he spends much of the off-peak Dubai season conducting lessons and clinics across Europe and the US.


REVIEWS was brilliant- easy to read and highly informative. Like most of us, I have had lessons with quite a few different pros, each of whom seems to have their own way of doing things. Instead, this book explains everything in a way that makes a lot of sense and is easy to follow.
Nathaniel McCullagh “London Alumni Polo Club”

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I could relate to the majority of the things in it.. I thought the book was well written and would appeal to all age groups and from any level of polo.
Sarah Walker “Teen Equine Magazine”

I thought this book was great fun, and really made polo – not traditionally the most inclusive of sports – feel accessible… The text is presented in a lively, engaging manner, and illustrated with cartoons as well as photos … the advice is all good, solid stuff, offered by a professional polo coach.
Sarah Walker “Horse and Countryside” 

This certainly was easy to read and absorb how polo is played. The book was clearly laid out with high quality images and chapters. With checklists, diagrams and hilarious cartoon anecdotes showing from ‘how to loft your ball’ to ‘scoring on and off the field’, this book is a breath of fresh air in its instructional form… This is a great book for all equestrian enthusiasts which would also make a great gift too. If you gifted this book to a young and bold rider, I think it would definitely inspire them to pick up a mallet, buckle up their Argentine belt and head off to the polo field looking incredibly cool!
Samantha Hobden “Haynet”


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La Taqueria (Wellington, Florida)
Casablanca Polo (Kensington, London)
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Buy it on Amazon