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Having taught for almost 3 decades all over the world, virtual online coaching is something I have been practicing for many years enabling me to keep in regular contact and receive and send tutorial videos to my clients…. I just didn’t realise it had a proper name!

The advancement of technology is beginning to revolutionise how many sports are taught with innovative ways to teach online. 

Often half the battle of learning anything is to understand how it works in the first place! So now with unique training aids, computer graphics and slow motion video footage, aspiring players can see where a polo swing is perhaps going wrong, why it’s going wrong, and most importantly, how to correct it.

For anyone to say that a polo swing or shot is incorrect, there would first need to be an example of perfection. However “perfection” is specific to the individuals bodily make up and how they produce elastic and energy to transfer to the ball. 

The virtual studio allows client re enactment and comparisons with computer graphics so aspiring students are supplied with a visual and verbal interpretation of how things should be and what new techniques need adopting to become the most efficient hitting machine they can be based on body type.

No more need for despondency or frustration – at the very least all clients will realise that it’s not that they can’t do it… they just haven’t been doing it right!  

So, how does
it work?

Simple! – you just need to write a small paragraph prioritising your main issues with your riding or hitting …in simpler terms, what is it that you can’t do but would like to be able to do!

Then just follow the filming guidelines outlined below & submit your video. A link to view your new critiqued video and training instructions will be sent to you via email in 3-5 working days

Step one

Filming the video

1/ Ask an assistant to stand approximately 5 meters away from you. Please ensure that all of the mallet and ball are inframe during action. Feel free to use Landscape or portrait mode depending on the shot

2/ With the horse stood still, record 3 of the same shot ensuring each new sequence comes from a neutral position as if approaching the ball.

3/ Now film the same sequence 3 times in walk

4/ Now film the same sequence 3 times in canter/gallop. – please press the record button 3 strides before the ball. We need to see the 3 strides of the approach, the contact and the 3 strides after contact – each video sequence should take between 7-10 seconds)

5/ Repeat the above sequence from the front of the horse (please exercise sensible caution when filming forward shots) and in the instance of Tail and Open shots shots please film from behind.

TOP TIP for the student

We always prefer ‘typical’ and a true likeness of what’s actually happening so please don’t try too hard to get the shots right! 

Step two

So whats next?

No need for any editing just submit your videos by clicking the link below and we will do the rest!

Upon submission you will receive a PAYPAL payment link by email.

We look forward to your screen debut!

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For those wanting a technical approach that they can read and absorb at their own rate.